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Attracting The Best Candidates

Previously, we spoke about how to present yourself properly over video. Now let’s talk about the other side which is the employer. How you can bring in the best candidates. Without doubt,…Continue readingAttracting The Best Candidates

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Video Resume: Making it count

How to attract the hirer’s attention with Video Resume As we said in our previous post, preparation is key for presentation yet the ability to change your approaches fast is also flexibility…Continue readingVideo Resume: Making it count

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Tweaking Resumes: What to say and what not to say

Preparation is the main ingredient if we are to set off for any direction in life. It is also a flexible stance that one takes into consideration when facing changing situations. There…Continue readingTweaking Resumes: What to say and what not to say

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Industries With A Bright Outlook

Let us now take a look at what industries are still surviving or will survive once this pandemic is declared over in Malaysia. It’s quite easy to put in place where economic…Continue readingIndustries With A Bright Outlook