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5 Ways to Show You’re The Best Candidate

1.There are two instances where you can show that you’re the best person to choose.

  • At the interview. 

There is one thing that you can do that may set you apart from others. You can be genuinely interested in the business of that company. How can you show this? Well, you have to ask the right questions. Assuming you’ve done your background research about this company, it doesn’t make sense to ask, “Tell me about your company”. That would be the wrong question. Instead, ask questions like this one. 

“I’ve read about this company’s area of business and I’m very interested to know more about the R&D side. I like R&D not just because it relates to my position but I want to learn up about the new technologies and equipment that you have.”


The first question is very broad. But this one is very specific, detailed, (as shown in bold italics) and shows the employer that you know your stuff. It also helps to direct the conversation to a target of job discussion. That target is where you can be a consultant and offer solutions where you can. 

The first and second interviews are also where you can discuss the job description in more detail. Not just go for an interview, introduce yourself and say goodbye. Discussing the job description in detail allows the employer to craft a more targeted and specialized job description for you and not just a generic job description reserved for any candidate. Suddenly, you become that much more valuable in the first meeting?

  • While working in your position and looking for a promotion or change.

You can simply volunteer for any challenging task that you believe you can handle. The more you volunteer outside of your job scope and the more you help out your colleagues, that will help you become the head of the class, the hero with the superpower and the choice of the people. Just stay humble by the way.

2. Avoid having a history of gripping and politicking

A lot of people are like this. They have a history of griping and politicking. It’s just a matter of time till this aspect about them gets out and people are aware, even a future employer. If you find yourself to be such a person in your current job, then just stop. Change your attitude for your own sake. You need a good track record not just as an able employee but as a person too. This is where building relationships and having rapport comes in which we’ve discussed in previous posts.

3. Avoid having a lack of enthusiasm and excitement

You can say that this is about having confidence but this is more than that. Having a lack of enthusiasm and excitement about the job that you’re going to do is really going to show on your face, the way you talk, even your body language. The employer is going to read into that.

They know that only a person who is right for the job will ask the right questions. 

Interview Photo by pressfoto

4. Ask for the job

Perhaps you’ve not done this before and it feels weird. After a long and detailed conversation about the fine details of the job description and where the company is headed with your enthusiasm included, why not just ask, “May I have the job please”. You may not get called immediately but you’re certainly be remembered for your difference or bravery. It’s a little amusing, but we’ll bet that not many have asked for the job before, but by doing so, you may just get it.

5. Be memorable

This is something we discussed in the last post but just to reiterate here, be a candidate worth remembering because you asked the right questions. You have the ability to steer the interview in your favour once all the formalities and Q&As are done. 

Good hunting again and success at your upcoming interview!