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A Fresh Perspective for 2021

The New Year has dawned and so Xremo wishes you A Very Bright, Prosperous and Active 2021.

Every now and then, in order to refocus and refresh our outlook, It would be good if we revisit the points that we’ve discussed so far in our posts. It’s quite easy to get inundated with all sorts of advice and news that we find ourselves often unsure of the next steps that we need to take individually.

Revisit, Refresh and Refocus

1. Having a Positive Mindset for a New Job

Having a Positive Mindset for a New Job or for your next steps is imperative. There needs to be a change in one’s thinking or attitude and of changing from an employee mindset to that of an employer mindset. This is the positive way as it adds more value to the individual because he thinks, communicates and takes ownership like a business owner. The negative way is to be just another employee who is replacable.

Also, having a respect for your own professionalism will guide and polish your behaviour and conduct towards your employer and colleagues.

But if there is an unwillingness for these on your part, then a rich learning experience and the breakthrough that could come will continue to elude you.

2. Be a Professional

To stand out from the rest and avoid getting stamped as just another employee who’s replaceable, you must acquire the qualities of a professional. In everything, from Having Focus in Results, Having the Right Response, Giving More and Walking with Special Confidence, to simple things like Punctuality and Dressing the Part, set yourself apart from the rest.

3. A Strategy for that interview

If you’re not employed just yet, you shouldn’t think of yourself as degraded in value. Be a bit more thick skinned. As a job seeker, just the right thickness of skin is a requirement. It’s called confidence by design and experience. Don’t walk around “overconfident”. Overly thick skin just puts people off. You can still adapt the above qualities while prepping for that interview and become your best self. Remember that an interview is way less a Q&A, and much more a Strategy for Discussion of your possible role in the company for mutual benefit.

4. The Upgraded Model vs the Normal candidate

We demand the best bang for our buck when we buy a laptop or something similar. Employers do too, albeit with a few human compromises. They have no choice but to view their staff as performers. It’s why we have KPIs and performance reviews.

However, the upgraded laptop guarantees performance and customer satisfaction.

So too is the upgraded employee, a desirable candidate. That resume that highlights those extra qualities may be enough to put you at the front of the queue.

5. The Valuable Employee

Suffice to say, the valuable employee in one who is a resourceful self starter and who brings in benefits. Value is what everyone is looking for. From the decent looking and fresh onions that shoppers look for to the better car with features, why wouldn’t any employer look for an employee of value? The candidate that thinks different, can show that she has done things ahead of time. The one that has done the research and can exhibit qualities such as commercial foresight which is being able to predict market situations. Or one who is able to create relationships. One who has wisdom and tested in real crisis situations. In short, employers need capable people.

We said at the beginning, Revisit, Refresh and Refocus. Now add one more…

This new year of 2021, Repurpose yourself to be that professional and capable person of value. Ramp up that resume and profiles. Create value of yourself and put yourself boldly out there. Stay fresh, Stay strong.