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Creating Value: Job hunting preparations you can do now

In a previous post, we spoke about upgrading yourself; about having creativity, adaptability, emotional intelligence and intentional learning. To upgrade ourselves, we certainly need to add to our personal brand.

Go to any website, youtube video or any e-commerce site where you want to buy something online. What brings you there? What makes you fed up with a site and leave as quickly as you came? Perhaps the site is slow or that youtube video is too long-winded. The product on that e-commerce site isn’t as well priced, well photographed or value for money as you want it to be so you just click away. We have,.. to a considerable measure, grown impatient with our online searching for things or information. We are as a society, deeply impatient as things are done faster and services are continually tweaked to be better in today’s world.


Value, the magic word

What you and me are really looking for is something worth our money, effort and time and that is called VALUE. Yes, Value is the magic word in today’s industries.

Ask any e-commerce owner or youtube star and they will tell you that value is what they endeavour to give to get people coming over to their sites, be it valuable information that helps solve problems to valuable products that can help make life better. It covers all industries, from services to education or even food. Just think about it… it’s there for you to see.

Work that resume up to value

So how about the employer who’s looking for a new marketing executive? Don’t you think he’s looking for something special too? Like we said before, a lot of people are good in what they do, but only that one special candidate gets called up for the job because there was something valuable and an existing need was met.

In this reality, the jobseeker can find ways to make himself more valuable. The resume is the first face of the employee that he sees so go ahead and tweak that resume to perfection. The Xremo site has a custom resume builder which you can explore to fastrack yourself in this area. You can also look up MS Office templates to build an eye popping resume. Another trick is to send hard copies of your resume and application letter by post. You can use a better quality paper to exude importance, like a product or company profile. This will certainly get an early and better attention from the other side as there are hundreds of applications sent online versus your hard copy version which is already printed and ready for viewing!

Strategic strategy

How about going the extra mile to:

A) Find out who are the key people behind the company on social media.

B) Do and provide some research for that company to add some value to them.

C) Post your portfolio or projects on sites like Linkedin and make connections from there too.

D) Build a professional work relationship

You’ll never know what may transpire in the months to come, but it’s like planting seeds. Identifying the key people in the company of your choice can start a beneficial friendship/relationship that will keep you on their radar. Only good things can happen when a prospective employee is known as having this sort of self starting initiative.

Portray yourself as a professional. If your experience is in sales and marketing, perhaps you can provide that professional insight for the benefit of the company and you could ask for flexible career opportunities in the months ahead. Perhaps you’ve created a situation where they’d be wondering if they should seriously hire you.

Further, you might want to create a visual infographic of your project achievements rather that just words. Remember, a picture speaks a thousand words. Create a post or two every week and link your content to major social medias: Instagram, FB, Youtube and Linkedin.

Last but not least, in this era, it’s all about creating relationships and not just sending in applications.

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