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How do you positioning yourself in your company?

In a recent report by the Human Resources Ministry, almost 100, 000 people have lost their jobs in 2020. Almost all of this is because of the pandemic. With the announcement of the Pfizer/Biontech vaccine, it is hoped that the market will recover, but no one can really tell whether the recovery of commerce will be fast or slow, but we can easily guess which businesses and services are well positioned to take advantage of the lockdown’s end.

The first industry that will quickly grow is travel and tourism. People are just dying to get out of their homes and fly somewhere. This is especially true if they’ve missed a wedding or have children overseas. Hordes of people will certainly breathe life into the airlines. The government too, will inject considerable stimulus into the ailing local tourism and promote them abroad. We can expect a tourism spike in the year ahead.
So therefore, as the government and private local business position themselves with a new business plan, so too must you position yourself in advance for whatever opportunities that may present themselves.


Being a fulfiller of needs
Position yourself as the fulfiller of your employers’s needs. You become the solution. Take another look at your job description. Are you fulfilling all your KPI’s? If so, ask for a meeting with your boss to discuss how you can contribute better to his needs. This one impressive initiative on your side will certainly grab his attention.

Value and Problem solving
We come to work to solve problems” someone once said. Employers are constantly trying to solve problems and want to see their targets fulfilled and accomplished. Have an eagle eye to see and foresee things and problems that may crop up while doing certain tasks and offer solutions. This will eventually make you an employee of value.

If you’re still looking for a job, you can think and act along these lines and connect with a potential employer via Linkedin or other social media. You might even want to consider writing about your expertise and publishing them online, then link them over to their social media. This may take considerable time, research and no easy effort on your part but time is something we all have right now.

Use your time to learn up about the organisation you are interested in. You can engage your professional experience to study them and their needs. Connect with them and make them see you as a potential solution to their needs.

The Eagle Eye
The eagle flies high for hours, scanning the surface for its next meal. From miles high, it can see a fish about a feet long and starts a calculated dive. Its timing is so accurate that as the eagle nears the surface of the water, the fish is just surfacing for air. In pin-point accuracy, the eagle’s talons pierce the fish, is lifted out and carried away.

In such manner and spirit, we can all use this special time to reinvent and reposition ourselves for the time ahead.

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