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Self Development: The Ultimate Personal Setting For Your Vision-Goals

Decide, Write, Review and Action!

Clarity, Vision and Goals

Not too long ago, a client had worked with an event planner for some major teaching courses. This involved tedious work and much planning on printed materials, videos and the like. The events were a success, but it did not come without its share of internal hiccups. As the time drew nearer for the day of the event, some obvious things like seating and arrangement, the PA systems, recording and the teaching materials were still not sorted. The event planner had done what he was supposed to do. He called up the vendors and suppliers and simply expected everything to fall in place. But there was no push and personal follow up. He had simply assumed that everyone would turn up on time and do their bit.

In a perfect world, everyone would be dependable as expected but we don’t live in a world like that. Not every vendor can be expected to perform professionally and in a timely manner. We need to call them, remind them and make sure they arrive on time and the event planner has to be on top of things and not assume. The old saying, ‘Assumption is the biggest bane’ comes to mind.

Career journey and a leader’s vision

The similar would apply in a career journey. You can be an event planner or any type of manager, but you are,…. a leader in the making. Such a leader comes about obviously by his or her ability to lead and inspire.

 As a salesman, a teacher, a designer or an accounts executive, anyone is a type of manager. And a manager is a person who makes plans. Plans as to how he will work in that company for the coming years. By being on top of things.

A good leader doesn’t assume the outcome of things but thinks those things through, and takes purposeful actions and decisions. If you’re concerned where you are headed in 5 to 10 years and you’re still looking for that clear starting point, consider the following.

In such a career journey, this clear starting point for a leader in the making always comes at a crisis juncture on the job and the ability to perform under pressure. Rudyard Kipling once said, “If you can keep your head when all around you are losing theirs and blaming it on you, then the world is yours, and all that is in it.”

When there are pressures and difficulties in your job (and there surely will be), your boss is watching and noticing. What he needs is a strong leader personality that will take the correct actions and keeps cool and together when things are rocky.

So now, have a leader’s vision for yourself.

As we all move into the middle of 2021, It’s imperative to cultivate a leader’s mindset for yourself and to inspire your team. Only a leader can plan and communicate the future shapes of things to come.

Being on top of things and reflecting on past successes can help you formulate new kinds of success. In this vision of success, you may need to put words and drawings on paper. Perhaps a chart or infographic. 

The near future

Spend some time on this and draw out your vision for the next 1 or 2 years. This is better than those “assumptions” or “just thinking about it” isn’t it? If you need some inspiration on this, go to Pinterest. Here, you will find some of these Vision Posters that others have done.

Having vision is also goal setting

We are not talking about just making a pretty poster, but to get those goals out of your head. It need not be a lot of words. Just a few key achievable goals and what you can do to make them a reality. As mentioned earlier, your current career path, no matter how difficult or how far flung, remains a part of how you can get there and you need to realign your path where and when necessary.

S.M.A.R.T.  – Decide, Write, Review and Action!

Again, for the determined achiever, having ideas flying around in your head is not good. It’s better to write them down as it’s the first step for actual action. Consider the SMART Goal system by George Doran. This system works to bring that clarity to your mind and actions.

Write down your goals and see if they fit this SMART criteria.

S = Specific, M= Measurable, A=Achievable, R=Relevant, T= Time-bound

1. Specific: Make goals that are short, Specific and clear. Not ambiguous.

2. Measurable: Make goals that are Measurable and can be evaluated.

3. Achievable: Make goals that are Achievable and set in reality, not fantasy. Something that can be done but don’t fear the challenge.

4. Relevant: Make goals that are Relevant considering the long time frame.

5. Time-bound: Make goals that are Time-bound to a deadline. Goal that can be done by that time.

So here we are. A leader has these certain character traits and more. A system of discipline that they follow. To summarise:

1. A natural leader’s clarity allows him to recognise where he truly is in his career path and journey. 

2. He does not assume things to be sorted and let his career life drift aimlessly.

3. Having a leadership mindset is the result of this clarity and vision.

4. The ability to list achievable goals can lead to a satisfied career person who inspires.

5. The leader has a system to sharpen his clarity, create his vision and set his goals realistically and tangibly.