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5 Ways To Boost Employer Branding

Recruitment has become a lot more competitive due to the growing solid employer branding presented by many companies. This is what makes it a must for every organisation to build its own employer brand as it helps define the company and how it is being viewed by people, especially the employees, job seekers and even the customers.

A positive employer brand will attract many top talents who can be valuable assets for your company. With that, there should be more focus on improving your employer branding to create an identity that will be recognised by many just by hearing the name.


Whether you’re a beginner in looking for tips to boost your employer brand or are still in the process of finding the right strategy to do so, we compiled five ways that you can refer to:

1. Be digital savvy

In the age where technology is becoming more advanced, many companies have started to make full use of any digital tools to automate their recruitment process. This includes the application process, selection, scheduling interviews, assessment, communication between the applicants and more.

Nowadays, printed forms are no longer being used as much as before, instead, many have turned to online applications for a quick-and-easy recruitment process. Candidates only have to fill in the details via their smartphone or laptop, submit and send the application within seconds.

It’s time to let go of the manual steps and start diving into what technology has to offer. It can definitely help the recruitment teams to provide the best experience for both job seekers and employers.

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2. Build your brand via social media

In case you didn’t know, the Digital 2021 October Global Statshot Report stated that there are 4.55 billion people actively using social media in the world. From not being able to recruit talents via social media, now employers can use the platform to discover the candidates they’re looking for.

Other than recruiting, most candidates tend to depend on company reviews shared on social media and other online platforms. The experiences shared by the existing and former employees will play an important role in shaping the thoughts or ideas that will be embedded in the job seekers’ minds.

Therefore, any negative reviews will mirror a bad image of the company and this will dissuade the candidates from even considering applying for the vacant position. If there are any negative reviews posted, as an employer, you must address these comments by mentioning that you will improve on what was seen as less.

Extra tips: You can also promote your company’s culture through social media by sharing all of the company events and activities. It’s best to include as many photos and videos as to display the fun of working at your company.

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3. Research competitor strategy

You will always need to be on top of your competitors when it comes to presenting a better employer brand. You can start making research on your closest competitors by noting what they’re doing and understanding the obvious gaps between you and your company. But here’s the good news! We prepared a checklist for you to identify your hiring gap to make the recruitment process much simpler. Simply click here to download.

Make it a habit to observe your competitors’ online and social media presence, understand their onboarding process, read their company reviews and take a closer look at how they do job postings. This will give you an overview of what your competitor is doing better so you can have a chance to overtake them.

4. Share success stories

A success story portrays visibility, credibility and clarity around the values that a company carries. It will impact not only the performance but also the stance of where the company is standing in the eyes of employees and job seekers out there.

If your company recorded good achievements since its establishment, it can be a good selling point to attract more people to know your company’s reputation. Start by having a copywriter craft the stories and have them posted on your company’s website and other social media platforms.

Besides sharing stories as an established employer, the stories can also come from your own employees who have experienced great success working at your company. They may have gone through excellent career progression, learned insightful skills and more. People are most likely to apply for a job with a company that shares genuine stories and experiences.

These stories can easily attract potential candidates as they will add value to the overall employer brand.

5. Revise the employee benefits

Before the candidates apply for a job, the first thing they will look at is the perks and benefits that the company offers. This is usually done to make sure it complements what they’re expecting to work for.

It is also a crucial aspect that the current employees tend to focus on. If your staff have been working for three years but the benefits remain the same as how it was when they first joined, they will likely feel under-appreciated. Typically, they would expect to receive better employee benefits to compensate for their hard work and dedication made to the company.

The best way to make this up is by reviewing the benefits and offering them promising packages. Based on the Global Talent Trends 2020 report, the top three reasons why millennials decided to job hop are due to better compensation and benefits, more advancement and challenge – this proves that benefits can definitely boost employee loyalty.

When strategizing your employer branding, consider highlighting the benefits as well as the salaries to show people what your company offers differently. Ensure your current employees always feel motivated and happy, run an employee survey to understand which benefits they love or if there are new perk suggestions that can be added in.

We hope the tips above will help you build and improve your employer brand. If you need more guidance, feel free to contact us as we provide a free consultation just for that!