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Thinking of Resigning? Reevaluate Your Reasons.

We’ve all been here many times before. When it’s just too hard to continue working, people just quit. Sometimes for your own peace of mind and health, there is nothing more important than stopping whatever you’re doing and just be still.

It’s very important to self evaluate from time to time, in all areas of life but particularly so in working life where you spend a lot of time.

It’s different for someone like a single parent who has to hold down a job to put food on the table and pay the bills. Some people just have no choice. They have to steel themselves to endure a job they don’t like till something better comes along. This being said, there are many reasons to leave a job but only a few good reasons to do so.

Rational vs Intuition

Some people move through life by feelings and not by facts. This equate their feelings with tangible reasons. To this, we would say that you need to learn how to have something called “foresight”. To be able to predict an outcome based on current data. Even for the experienced, this may seem hard as you may let emotions get in the way of your better judgement.

For every reason that we list below, you must have one prerequisite, which is preparation with another job waiting or some resource put away if possible for you to survive.

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Reason 1: EPF is not being contributed.

You may leave your job if your EPF is not being paid. Your salary is deducted and the employer contribution is done every month.

To check this out, just take a trip to your nearest EPF and insert your mykad into the kiosk. It will print out a statement detailing the above contributions. EPF is extremely important not just as a savings, but it pays you the highest dividends in the market. It’s also a much needed record if you were to buy a house and reduce your loan every few years using account 2.

I remember my bitter experience when I tried to buy my own house years ago. The statement showed zero for one year despite deductions made to my salary and the company was doing fairly well.

Reason 2: Sexual Harassment.

We don’t have to elaborate on this one. This is a crime that can threaten your life. Get out of there pronto!

Reason 3: Illegal Activities.

Working in this company is like going to the Twilight Zone. Important tasks are not prioritised and the employer’s personal things come first. This shows that these people are not into any direct sales of furniture, computers or any trade, but looking into employer’s personal matters such as banking in cash or running endless errands with things that don’t line up with what the company is really set up to do.

Nothing is planned, strategised or brainstormed. There is a weird pattern of whispering and secrecy with multiple companies under one roof. No team building or a proper appointment letter and when there is a company trip, the whole family turns up.

This actually shows that this company is just a front for something else. Something illegal and the company is just an asset to park illegal money. You could get implicated with their activities in the eyes of the law whether you know it or not. Be vigilant and run for the hills.

Reason 4: No proper appointment letter or confirmation letter.

I’ve heard of people who have been working without an appointment letter. This is supremely unwise as they are now not a registered employee. They were not paid EPF, SOCSO or registered with the IRB. This is also illegal by law because they were denied these basic benefits in our beautiful country which actually has taken the time and responsibility to set all this up.

If you don’t have an EPF number, SOCSO number and an IRB number, this simply means your were not registered by your employer. If anything injury or health concern happens to you, they can just say you are not their employee and SOCSO will not compensate you.

Then, there’s also the delayed confirmation letter. The maximum time should be six months probation and if you still don’t have that letter, go see your HR. If they say you are automatically confirmed and there’s no need for a letter, then they are pulling your leg.

Do keep in mind that a confirmation letter is crucial when applying for a housing or car loan. If they still want to play hardball, this simply points to one single truth, the title to our next reason.

Reason 5: Zero Commitment from the employer.

By not committing to you, the company shows that it really doesn’t have any intention or plan for you. The reasons above are clear examples of companies that aren’t serious about long term business but short term profit. If you end up there, you’re also on the short end of the stick. Then there’s also delayed promises, broken promises and over promises of promotions, salary increases or some benefits. So it’s good to check out a company before joining them. This is crucial for you as the converse is also done on you. Ask former employees about them and verify if the reports are true. If so, you know what to do.

At this point, we realise many could be in a combination of these situations compounded with the economic situation. You have to ask yourself just one question. Just how much tolerance can you afford working in a bad environment and how is that going to affect your career, time and your well being? This is where the support of family and friends can come in. Be like the ship in the storm. Take refuge at the cove nearby and wait out the bad weather.

Reason 6: Unhealthy Fear.

Have you been coming to work to a fearful environment? Are you wondering when your last day will be? There is no job security and a silly mistake could get you fired or your tasks are drawing unfriendly fire. You’re walking on eggshells and there is no colleague support. New contacts and meaningful friendships in the workplace do wonders to the financial health of a company. The absence of this happy element causes people to be on edge and eventually stop wasting their time there. Depending on where your are in life, you can’t afford that word “fired” in your resume. So make plans to leave for greener pastures.

To summarise, let’s run through the points again.

1. Reason 1: EPF is not being contributed.

2. Reason 2: Sexual Harassment.

3. Reason 3: Illegal Activities.

4. Reason 4: No proper appointment letter or confirmation letter.

5. Reason 5: Zero Commitment from the employer.

6. Reason 6: Unhealthy Fear.

We shall continue the rest of the reasons in our next article. Stay Tuned!