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Mental Wellness for a Sure Future

Recently, a friend had to close his printing business. There were no brochures or books to print and projects were scarce. This is of course due to the current national and world situation where global commerce has slowed down. It will need time to pick up. The silver lining in this in the general opinion of economists, commercial activity is just waiting to spill over strongly once everything is opened up. There is no other alternative for a robust people especially us Malaysians. The economy will open up by our sheer will. The market will be busy again. Demand for goods and services will return again. Whether this happens now or later, let’s position ourselves to be at the ready.

With this sure hope in mind, we remain confident of tomorrow.

Perhaps the worst thing that can catch up to us in a time of unemployment is the scourge of depression. No matter how much I spoke to my old friend, he just could not get out of the loss of his office and business. His mental wellness was deeply affected. Thankfully, with the support of family and friends and his own huge sense of responsibility and strong will, he is still able to continue till this day albeit in a much smaller scale. To be able to continue is an important thing.

It is vital that as a people, that we live our lives with a clear mind and a steady intellect. That means saying “No” to depression and saying “Yes” to possibilities.


A Clear Mind and a Steady Intellect
Staying at home too long and not being focused on improving or upskilling for the time of employment ahead can be clouded by confusion and indecision. Focus on some key points should be your goal and to cultivate this clear mind and steady intellect, there are a few basic things that you can do.

  1. Reading
    They say “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop” Reading books can help sharpen your thinking and keep you steady and sure. It’s also important to choose the right kind of books. We can recommend “12 Rules for Life, an antidote to chaos” by clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson. The first two rules that should catch your eye are; Stand up straight with your shoulders back and Treat yourself like you are someone you are responsible for helping. Check the background of the author and not just if it’s a best seller. We need an author who has a good head on his shoulders and Peterson is one of them.
  1. Hobbies
    No, sleeping or watching tv is NOT a hobby. Hobbies are what you do for some benefit like gardening or repairing electronics. There’s some benefit to be had. Develop a good hobby because who knows? You could even end up being a Youtube star if your hobby benefits others and can help you make a living. For example, check out Matt’s channel DIYPerks on Youtube and you can learn how a hobbyist can become self employed.
  1. Exercise
    There’s no reason why you can’t do this one during this pandemic era. Exercise will force your body and mind to get in shape. You sleep patterns will return and that natural confidence that comes from exercise will force anxiety out of the door. Once anxiety is dealt with, you will stop procrastinating, worrying, complaining and driving everyone around you nuts and take action for the future.
  1. Socialise and Network
    Keeping in touch with contacts and making new ones will keep your mind interactive and quick. Discuss relevant topics and do the necessary work preparation instead of watching TV and messaging funny videos, getting overly caught up with entertaining yourself. Just observe the amount of content going around for the sake of entertainment. Only depressed people need entertainment all the time.
  1. Health and Discipline
    It’s time to get off those entertainment channels and focus your strength on what you and your loved ones really need which is for you to be employed or start your own business. The old saying “Early to bed and early to rise makes you healthy, wealthy and wise”. Just as important as exercise is for a clear mind and a steady intellect, so is taking care of yourself with discipline. Discipline is not just physical but also mental, whereby a person chooses things and friends as well as uses time conscientiously. The result, good mental health.

As more can be discussed, we must understand that getting out of employment is in our hands and not in anyone else’s. As we can do nothing to affect the state of the world as it is now, we can only deal with ourselves. It’s our choice, our focus and our own state of mind that we can access – to make ourselves better and employable, so keep your ship sailing sure and steady.

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